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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Hasn't Ended Here Yet, Dahlias in Full Bloom, Petunias Overflowing their Pots...

I decided to start "Fresh and New" Start a new series of Posts. So I'll begin with some pictures of the beautiful flowers that are now blooming in the yard. It's a wonder they are all there after the horrible storm we had here on Thursday night. It took out the electricity from midnight until 8:20 the next evening. That was a hard day, without water too. For the pump couldn't run without the electricity etc. etc. Also, the whole yard looked like a tornado had come through it.
All he Dahlias were completly laying over on their sides and a stack of magazines that John put out in the carport to take to the dump, were strewn all over the yard. My Porch flowers were helter skelter and some blew to no where's end.

They say summer is almost ended. I guess if the kids going back to school ends summer for alot of you, then in most eyes it is gone. But to us.... it's still been very hot here and the fires are still putting smoke in the air here and the garden is still growing and the flowers are still blooming. The highway is still very busy and the helicopter rides that fly over us are still coming. So it still feels like summer here for us.
Hope you are still enjoying some summer fun with your family and friends.