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Monday, October 19, 2009

Plaque in my flower basket.

I promised you that I would give you a picture that is close up of the little plaque in my flower basket that was in my last post. Well here it is.
Isn't that true? I still feel the same way inside about doing things that little girls like do. It's just that my body is changing. When I turned 60 this summer; it was about the time that I got my new glasses. I saw all of those wrinkles even more clearer. They didn't just all of a sudden appear when I turned 60. I'm sure! What a shock. Why is it that all of a sudden I'm getting Orora's Migrane headaches.???? And I'm feeling pains where I never felt them before?? Still, I'm the same inside. Isn't age a terrible thing?? I really had an awakening when my granddaughter told me, "Grandma, you don't look pretty this morning. (They can keep you on your toes!) " Of course I knew that too. But to hear it from her, it really made me realize that it takes more of a conscience effort to be presentable now. That young vibrant, "don't need makeup person", has gone it's way now. (Or was there really a time when I never needed makeup??)Ha

The main thing for me is to try to do is to remain that "Little Girl" inside. All the make-up in the world isn't going to take those wrinkles away. I must Reflect on the joys of what my present age does bring me. As I Concentrate on some of the positives of what this age group brings me; there is some fun parts of this age too. When you get this age, people don't expect as much from you. They pass it off onto your age. You can get away with more....LOL Get away... I mean such as .... I can put more "FUFU things in my home"(My home doesn't have to be "House Beautiful") ; hang more pictures up of my family, paste cute witty sayings on my mirror or wall, and wear more comfortable clothing such as the elastic waisted jeans and flat shoes. And OH the JOY of having grandchildren. They have filled a void in my life that I never knew was missing. Life has become more comfortable for me in many ways. You can even take a nap once in a while and not feel guilty... And I can say; "I think I'll embrace this moment in time, and enjoy the "Little Girl" things that I haven't had time to do until now." I'm sure many of you can add more to this list of positives.(What can you add to my list??) At every stage of ones life there are great things to live for and enjoy. Life doesn't end at 60. It just changes and those changes can be great!