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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nostalgia Corner-" FuFu Moment" It's Great being 60

Nostalgia Corner
Remember these "Bisque Black Babies" I loved mine! Next to it is my nursery baby bracelet that says "Erick 1" because I was the first twin born.

Nostalgia Dressing Table with All of my fun memories
Wedding Picture and the Dress that my sister and I wore in a wedding.

Nostalgia Dressing Table - Pictures of my sisters and me

Nostalgia Shelf- 25th Anniversary
(Now 40 years)

In a few posts back, I talked about things that we can do at 60 that we can get away with now. Today's post includes one of those things. I have a little nook in the corner of my bathroom that is mine.... I mean, John doesn't have much to say about what I put into that space. You know all of those things that you have been saving for years and years in boxes? Things that your mom saved for you from when you were a baby... Those things... ie. my baby shoes and socks; bracelet that was on me in the nursery when I was born...; my records that were taken while I was in the hospital at birth; 25th anniversary creamer and pitcher and a picture of John and I during that 25th year; A dress I wore when my twin and I were in a wedding; A picture of my two Sissie's and I...; a woolen scarf that I wore when out playing in the snow as a little girl... the list goes on.

Well, my DH put up a shelf for me and on them I have placed these items on, along with a little make-up table and chair to hold some of these fun things as well. It's my Nostalgia wall and corner. Every time I'm in there, it brings a smile to my heart and brings back allot of memories. It keeps me close to my family and gives me happiness on how God has led me and given me so many happy times in my life. I remember houses that I used to visit that used to have little nick-knack shelves in them. Grandma houses. I have taken on an area in my home that is a "Grandma House"... ( Mind you, Only in a corner of my room) and it's finally ok to do these things. Yeah

I remember one time I was watching Regis and Kathy Lee and they were doing a makeover for a ladies bedroom. They went in and redid her whole room. Showed the before's and after's. One was a Grandma room and the other an elegant new gorgious room. I wander how long it took her to start bringing back in her the special items? It wouldn't have taken me long....

I don't have to make excuses any more. It's me and my life and it's fun being there in this time and place.

I'll post next....A few items that have spilled over into the bedroom.(Oh Dear!) We'll I guess it has gone a little over my Nostalgia area. LOL But that's ok, I just turned 60......

Oh if you're not 60 plus... it's still ok to have a Nostalgia wall. I won't make fun of you....I think it's a great thing to have!

Hugs, Jan