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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life Is What Happens While You’re Waiting for the Grand Moments....(that never happen?)


Just got off the phone with a friend that I hadn't heard her voice in years. Was great to talk and catch up on our lives. Her encouragement to continue with my blog, is the results of this new entry.

When one is waiting for direction in life, it seems like the world is standing still. But all along the things around you keep progressing forward. A person needs to do something. So I look around me and I see that the garden produce still needs something to be done with it. The house needs some Fall cleaning, the summer clothes need to be put away and the boots and sweaters need to come down on the lower shelves. One thing for sure is that God is there to give me strengh for each day. I can still have my morning times with God that carry me throughout the day. I can still try and touch another heart with joy. I can be cheerful and happy to lend a helping hand wherever I am called. I can try to make this day a better day than yesterday.
As the world around me is changing it colors and the feeling of a definate crispness in the air is starting to break upon me; I pray that I will grasp the newness of this time and make it the best Fall Season of my life.

The above pictures are the Spring, Summer and Fall, Winter as they contrast around me.

Wonder what the future has in store? All is well, when God is in control!!

Just for Today
'All we have to do with is this one day. Today we must be faithful to our trust. Today we must love God with all the heart and our neighbor as ourselves. Today we must resist the temptations of the enemy, and through the grace of Christ obtain the victory. Thus we will watch and wait for Christs Second Coming. Each day we should live as if we knew this would be our last day on earth. If we knew that Christ would come tomorrow, would we not crowd into today all the kind words, all the unselfish deeds, that we could? We should be patient and gentle, and intensely in earnest, doing all in our power to win souls for Christ." HP 355
Isn't this what life is really about, in the world that is in a constant change?
Hugs, and Prayers, CJO