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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Garbanzo's~Chic Pea's/ Hummus-Differant Ways to Use

Since leaving the world of Cheese, Eggs and Milk, I have tried to find different ways to satisfy my desire for especially Cheese. Well, I think I have found it. And if you can't make it from scratch, you can buy it very readily in the stores now. Already made for you in many different flavours. It's HUMMUS!

But I will tell you, that it is a great sandwich spread, Taco filling, along with your Pinto beans, And a great dip for Veggies and one of my favorites; Spread it on your Pizza crust.

First of all I will show you my process of making the Hummus;
I pressure cook my dry Garbanzo's. After the knocker starts knocking I cook them for about an hour and a half.

Then: I place the following into my Food Processor:
1/4 cup Sesame Seeds (I like them lightly roasted)
3/4 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Onion Powder
1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder
Blend until Smooth

Then add to the Above Mixture:
1/4 Fresh Red Pepper
or Hot Red Pepper (Make sure you take all the seeds out)

Then add the following:

4-5 Cups of Garbanzo Beans
1/4 cup Fresh Lemon Juice

You may taste it and adjust the lemon juice according to your liking.

Now you have the Hummus that you can use for a dip or on top of your Pizza Crust.
I always make two Pizza Crusts when I'm making my bread. So there is always one on hand.)

Spread the crust with the Hummus. Then add your favorite Tomato Paste. Place it in the oven. Bake it until it is warm. While you are doing this;

Saute in 1TB of Olive Oil or Grape Seed Oil or just plain water; the following:

Chopped Onions
Sliced Olives
Chopped Peppers
Sliced Mushrooms
Gluten steak slivers (Recipe is on my blog for the Gluten Steaks)
Or Sliced Firm Tofu

You may add anything that you normally like to put on a Pizza
After the above items are soft, then you can take the Pizza out of the oven and place the sauteed Veggies on top of it.
It's ready to enjoy and serve.

I hope you will enjoy the Hummus on your Pizza. It gives me the Cheese Element that I have a craving for.

Add ImageOver at Rawk Out Blog, Sharon had a great recipe for Raw Dehydrated Corn Tortillas. She has Step by Step instructions on how to make them.
( You may find some other great Raw Food Recipes on there as well)
I just finished a batch of them this morning. I love them!! Pulled out my dehydrator and put the little circles of the batter onto, Parchment paper and put them in the Dehydrator. Had it running most of the afternoon and over night. It should take about 16 hrs. These are great for dipping into the Hummus. And these chips have NO FAT and are so good for you! Next time I'm making a double batch. These will be gone in no time. These are great for dipping into your freshly made Hummus! Sooo Goood!

Hope you want to try them too!

(With of course, the Hummus you have made above!)