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Monday, October 26, 2009


Well, we knew we were close to the first snow coming. It happened over night. But... during the night there was heavy trees with wet snow on them and a tree must have fallen across the electrical line.. So about 3am this morning the power went off. They said that there would be power by 11 am. But it didn't come on until 1:30pm. I then fixed lunch and shortly afterwards, the power went off again. Didn't get it until around 6:30 pm or so.

So what do you do without electricity, no water, and no fans on the wood furnace and fireplace? You curl up on the couch and enjoy a lazy day close to the fireplace. Sometimes you need those kind of days. It can be a "Good Thing". So the above pictures will show you the BLACK and WHITE'S of the day outside.

The, sad to see, Beautiful Asters are now covered over with white snow.

They did have their highlight for the year in the post last Friday. So happy I got their pictures before the snow.

No more picnics on the table in the yard for another year and the garden has had it's last carrot and potatoes dug. (Yesterday!) Time for the garden to go to sleep.

I was reminded of a beautiful lesson from the bright whiteness of the snow. God used the lesson in his word. "Though your sins be of scarlett, they shall be as white as snow.... (Isa. 1:18, and Psalms 51:7) Can't get any whiter than that. Praise God for His promises, and the lessons we can glean from the First snow of winter. The ground is covered with pure whiteness and it looks fresh and clean.

I never take for granted my electricity. Something so simple as that; can throw your whole world off.... Sure glad it's back on. And I know that getting our generator fixed, has to be a priority. LOL


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