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Thursday, June 17, 2010

If Dogs could talk??

Just thought I would share with our a picture of our granddaughter, Dottie. She loves animals!! That is putting it mildly. Her dad finally had to stop her from going around barking at us. She even had the caucked head as she was doing it. Anyway, they went to a friends place and they had dogs and if this dog could talk, I wonder what they would be saying to each other. I just love this picture. I think it's ok for a grandmother to think her grandkids are pretty special....

Hugs, Jan


  1. I wandered in from Fifi's blog- that picture of your granddaughter is enchanting! She is truely special.

  2. Oh this picture brought a smile to my face. That puppy is so peaceful sitting there, knowing he has a child who understands him and knows how to treat him.

  3. You are right! This is such a special picture. She will be our next Dr. DoLittle, Hugsm SIS