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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I hope that you each had a great Thanksgiving!! We are all so blessed! I was able to try a few RAW food pies that we enjoyed.... And it was "Guilt Free". One was my Pomegranate Pie and the other was a Butternut Squash pie.... I got my inspiration from the greatest Raw food Creator of all times!! Amie Sue. You will enjoy her blog as much as I do... The more Raw food we put into our diets, the more better nutrition we have to feed our bodies. We will be way healthier for it.. And we truly wont miss the old way of cooking... It's amazingly great tasting!! No bland stuff here. Here is the picture of what I did... for Thanksgiving... It doesn't look like Amie Sue's, and I didn't have all the engredients, but it turned out great...
You may want to start adding more RAW FOODS into your diet... it's fun and very exciting for me... You don't eat as much for a lot of the foods are very filling. A great way to get into shape... I won't post my recipe, but hope you will head over to Amie Sues Website and get excited as I have over all the possibilities!! Have a blessed Holiday Season and enjoy making it a Healthy Season!! Hugs, Carol Janonne

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