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Friday, October 16, 2009

Apples and Pinecones.....Using what you have...

My last post; I talked about sharing with you my apple arrangements...

Our insurance man brought us over about 4 boxes of luscious apples. So while John and I are waiting to eat them, and me to get some applesause made from them; I have taken advantage of their beautiful color. Last week while at our local thrift shop, I came across this unique glass vase. I had seen one of them that was posted on Melissa's Blog over at She had placed some lemons in the bottom of one and then went out to pick some unique reeds to stick in the top. I was so excited that I found a large vase like this. The joy was that it was only $2.50 !!! Anyway, I used my apples to place in mine and then put some pinecones in there as well. Things to decorate your home don't have to be expensive. Use what you have..... It's differant, it's you, and it makes for a Unique home.
Also, I captured the flowers on our front porch just before they got drastically frozen by the frost, a few days ago, and brought some of them in the house to enjoy for just a little longer.

This little basket arrangement I had on our front porch table. We only put 2 little plants in the basket and they have bloomed beautifully all summer. Now they can make me happy as I'm cooking away in my kitchen. Hope you can salvage some to bring into your home before they get mutilated by the frost too. Replant them into a unique basket or ??? Get a little more enjoyment out of them for a while. Want to know what the heart in the basket says?

I'll post a close-up on MONDAY.



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