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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Already!! Canadian, That is...And...Out of "The NORM" Decorations

Purple place Mats
Yellow Squash
Grape Candle Holders

Reminds me of
our KIDS when
bringing things in from
the garden!
Miss those days!

Squashs displayed
in my White Milk Glass
Dishes along with
a few Pinecones

Canadian Thanksgiving that is.... Spent the day cooking and making everything from scratch. Started about 10am and didn't get done until 6:15 when our quests arrived "early".. I had just finished heating the bread in the oven.

Yet so thankful for the things I have to make it!! Went out to the yard and picked leaves and whathave you.... Added a few yellow squash and some candles and a little ornament that has the "Kids" pulling the pumpkins out of the garden. Reminds me of the times all the kids were home and we would bring all in from the Garden. Which reminds me I need to help John 'D-top" the carrots and get them into the basement root cellar. Praise God the carrots did well, in spite of the scabby potatoes :( It's sad to see all the Dahlia's frosted to death. They were so beautiful this year.

Had the two bachelor Neighbors over for dinner. They appreciated it, so they told me, even if it was all VEGAN... LOL My Butternut Squash Cheese Cake, needed a little more Raw sugar, But they didn't seem to notice. Guess anything would do for them.LOL

Back to my table arrangement.... Purple placemats, weeds from the garden, candles and Yellow squash.???That's what you do when it's up to your imagination inststead of going to the store to buy your center piece. Also added some squashes to White Milk Glass bowls and added a few Pinecones to it on my TV cabinet. We are festive with what we have. Was so happy that our Great Insurance guy brought us Apples, Grapes, Squash, from his garden!! And we had alot of yellow Squash from our garden this year. What a blessing!!

next time, I'lll show you my Apple Arrangements....
Got to do with what you have, I say....

Hope all of you in the US. have a great Thanksgiving....And that my Fellow Canadians had a great time with Family and Friends.


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